Private Dashboards were accessible by other Admins in Analytics Dashboard

Rohit kumar
2 min readMay 2, 2020


Vuln Type

Privacy / Authorization

Product Area

Facebook — Web

Complete Details
The analytics tool in Facebook is having an option to create dashboards and the creator can change the privacy of dashboard to “Public” or “Private”. I found that private dashboards can be accessed by other admins of that App. Which leads to sensitive data exposure.

Private dashboards can be accessed by other Admins, which leads to sensitive data exposure.

Repro steps

USER A, USER B with admin permission of Any Developer Application (


1. From USER A account visit
2. Here on the sidebar, you will get the option to create Dashboard.
3. Click on that option, and fill require details, Here don’t check that checkbox (For now we will keep it public)
4. Now click on Create Dashboard button. Your dashboard is ready and it’s also accessible to other Admins of that Application. (Try to access from USER B account)
5. Now, let’s make this Dashboard private from USER A account by clicking on the private checkbox.
6. Now, this shouldn’t be accessible to USER B. But navigate back to USER B account and reload that opened the dashboard tab. You can still access it!
7. You will not notice dashboard list on home page you need to access id by dashboard_id like this
Now, how can I get dashboard_id? We can easily get it by our browser history (in case we previously accessed it and admin made it private after we accessed it)
8. We can also access these dashboards by brute-forcing dashboard_id param


Reported: 14 January 2020

Pre-Triaged: 16 January 2020

Triaged: 18 January 2020

Fix Deployed & Confirmed: 25 January 2020

Bounty Awarded: 28 January 2020



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